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Mobile Internet That’s As Mobile As You Are

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The Ultra Low Cost, most flexible, simplest 3G Mobile Broadband

Complete, Flexible Mobile Broadband

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No long contracts
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97% UK Population Coverage

  • Get 20GB of Data for under £20 – That's bumper-truck-loads of 3G mobile broadband
  • Did you know that MobiData works in 40 countries?!
  • See how our prices compare and check out our low cost, big data, double data deals.
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UK mobile broadband plans of 1GB, 5GB and 10GB

  • Freedom from WiFi, don't be tied to home or the office
  • No passwords to remember and no devices to carry
  • Go to Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong for just 15p/MB
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Mobile Broadband that's as mobile as you are

  • Use it in the car or up a mountain – wherever you are, whenever you're there
  • Short term contracts giving you complete flexibility
  • Mobile Broadband your way
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How MobiData Works

MobiData connects you to the latest network technology, giving you the best service at the lowest prices across the UK.

…Going Overseas?

Don't worry about using your MobiData SIM abroad. It works seamlessly in 39 other countries world-wide for only 15p/MB.

Who is MobiData?

MobiData is committed to keeping you online wherever you are, at ultra-low costs and with no long contracts or complicated tariffs


Our MobiData Free SIM gives you a simple mobile broadband package that can be used across the UK and in 39 other countries. MobiData is a simple and practical solution to the issue of having to be connected all the time. As our domestic product, our bundle prices are much more competitive than the high street's best with the added benefit of having overseas usage available at just 15p/MB, so there is no need to worry about using data when abroad.

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